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Turkey Tail

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Turkey tail is one of our eleven medical mushrooms that we offer here at Ph Balance. It has many names such as, Trametes versicolor, Coriolus versicolor, or Polyporus versicolor. Its name comes from its flat, multicolored fan-shaped rings that resemble a turkey’s tail. This functional mushroom has its own bioactive profile and capacity that supports our bodily systems in a unique way. When it comes to turkey tail, one of its unique functions is to strengthen our immune system.

Our turkey tail enhances both of our innate and adaptive immune responses, which are our body’s first and second line of defense. The innate immune system is our first line of defense that protects us from infection. Its defense includes outer protection from pathogens through our skin, cilia, mucous membranes, and our gut. Our adaptive immune system is known to take longer to come into effect when there is an infection in our body (four to seven days after being exposed to a pathogen). However, when the time does come for it to be put to work, our adaptive immune system can provide a more targeted and precise response, although both lines of defense often work together.

If this mushroom is taken on a regular basis, it can provide great health and the keys to living a long life. Some uses of the fungus include removing toxins from our body, increases our energy, gets rid of excess fluid in our body, strengthens the organs that are responsible for our immune system, and supports our liver, spleen, and lung function. Turkey tail is also great for relieving stress in our body due to the fact that it is an adaptogen. Adaptogens help our body adapt to a variety of stressors that may come our way, including physical, biological, and chemical stressors.

Turkey tail also protects our DNA from getting damaged. Free radicals can be harmful to our DNA. Turkey tail also aids in our gut health and liver health. Our overall health is extremely dependent on our gut health whether you know this is not, which is why we should always take care of it by drinking and eating properly. The composition of our gut microbiota affects everything from our digestion to all the way to the way we think! It has been studied that the polysaccharides in turkey tail can alter our fecal microbiota composition in a positive way. When it comes to our liver, turkey tail has amazing detox potential considering our liver is our body’s most important detoxifying organ. Overall, this mushroom aka fungus is AMAZING! Check out our website or call Docta King for more information so you can get your very own 30-day supply of turkey tail!

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