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Reishi/Ganoderma Powder

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ALFA Reishi Ganoderma Mushroom Powder Extract/ Organic Mushroom Powder Extract/ Lingzhi


Reishi mushrooms contain several molecules that are believed to be responsible for their health benefits – triterpenoids, polysaccharides, and peptidoglycans. For centuries Reishi has been one of the most widely used mushrooms in natural medicine and it grows in different parts of Asia. This fungus is also known by the name Lingzhi. It may be consumed raw or often it is in a powdered form, that you can mix with water, coffee, or tea.

How can reishi help your body? Here are the main benefits of Ganoderma: 

  • Boost your immune systemReishi mushroom is beneficial for the immunity system and impacts white blood cells.
  • Can help you relax and fight depressionReishi helps with reducing fatigue and depression and overall can help us to improve our quality of life.
  • Acts like antioxidants - Act as molecules, that can help prevent damage to your cells.


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