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ALFA Water

School Bus Conversion Fundraiser

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Join the PH Balance ALFA initiative and support our schoolbus collaboration with the renowned Drop Squad Kitchen, the Best Vegan Restaurant with the finest water in your neighborhood! Help us raise $10k for the bus wrap and enteral conversion.

The purpose of converting our bus is to sell and manufacture fresh ALFA Alkaline Water by pH Balance ALFA alongside Drop Squad Kitchen where they will cook and serve delicious vegan meals on wheels.

No donation is too large or small. Donate $25 or more, and receive a $25 discount on orders over $100. Together, let's make this project a reality!

Visit to contribute. Or Cashapp $ALFAwater 🌱

Our heartfelt mission revolves around delivering not just fresh Alkaline Water but also wholesome meals to uplift our community. Every sip and bite is a step toward promoting well-being and fostering a healthier, happier neighborhood. Together, through your support, we strive to make a lasting impact, one revitalizing drink and nourishing meal at a time. Join us on this sincere journey of care and wellness.


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